Read through each of the steps below (they could save you a lot
of time). When you’re done, click Apply Now.

Read through each of the steps below
(they could save you a lot of time).
When you’re done, click Apply Now.



Your time’s valuable, and we wouldn’t want you to waste it applying for a role that’s not right for you. Before you go any further, check what you’ll need below. If you’ve any questions have a look at our FAQs or email us careers@sensee.co.uk


We’re all about brilliant customer service, so if you enjoy helping people you’re in the right place. Self-motivation, discipline and reliability are also a must. As are independence, self-reliance and a willingness to learn as well as keep improving.


To help customers, you’ll need good spoken and written communication skills. You’ll also use your phone and computer every day, so a working knowledge of IT hardware and software is necessary. Previous contact centre experience is a plus.


Once agreed, your hours (20 p/w is the min) will be guaranteed and annualised – i.e. you may work more some weeks than others). You choose when you want to work subject to rules and clients’ requirements. Occasionally, we may need you to change the hours you’ve chosen.


You must work from somewhere in the UK. You’ll need a quiet and secluded room (where you won’t get interrupted), desk and chair. You need to provide your own Windows PC, corded phone with a headset and phone line with good broadband (no WiFi). Don’t worry, we’ll check your IT. Take a look at our PC specs here.



When you’ve finished reading this page, and click ‘Apply Now’, you’ll go to Sensée online application portal. There you’ll fill out your application, learn more about the role from some of our people. And, we’ll find out more about you and your skills through short Situational Judgement tests.

The application will take about 20 minutes. You’ll need to complete it somewhere quiet where you can concentrate. And, use a laptop, desktop computer or tablet (no mobile phones). It'll give your brain a workout, and it’s a bit fun too.

We’ll be in touch ASAP to let you know about the outcome of your application.



If your talents seem to match what we are looking for, we’ll be in touch to arrange a time for us to meet on a webcam call – we like to do everything from home! For some roles before we “meet” you face to face we may send you a few questions to answer in the form of a short, self-recorded video or audio session.

It’ll give you the chance to ask any questions. And, us an opportunity to find out more about you, your home environment, as well as confirm you have everything you need.

Each of our clients has their own skills requirements. Based on your application, we’ll let you know which vacancy we think would suit you. If there’s a particular vacancy you’re interested in, you can also let us know at this point.

When we’re in touch, we’ll give you more information on what we’ll cover and how you can prepare.



After your virtual interview, we’ll let you know within 24 hours how you got on. And, if everything went well, find out if you want to go ahead and join.

If you do, we’ll send you a conditional employment offer — you’ll still need to go through our IT checks, and like all employers, we’ll carry out identity and security checks.

You’ll then be good to join the team and start training!

Please select the button below to begin the application process.

Any questions?

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email us careers@sensee.co.uk