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    Sensée in a nutshell
    Sensée supplies home-based customer
    service talent to the UK's leading brands
    700+ active & employed UK Sensée
    HomeAgents + 60 client-employed
    Supported by 70 Sensée support &
    management staff (also homeworking)
    Connected together through our
    2 data centres hosting our remote
    enablement technologies
    Taking approx 50k inbound calls,
    5k emails and 4k chat sessions
    per week on a 24/7 basis
    Dedicated & On-brand to serving
    customers of businesses including:
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    Sensée Insights
    Steve Mosser explains to 'engage customer' how Homeworking 2.0
    can deliver unparalleled benefits...
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    We are Homeworking 2.0
    Find out what it is and why it’s the better way
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    We're now 700+ strong
    And growing!

Some of our Clients

Argos Logo

From efficiency to effectiveness

HRG’s digital transformation journey

Find out how Argos unlocked rapid and compelling benefits from homeworking and deployed Sensée’s technology to enable its own people to work from home.

Sensée has helped us unlock the agility and tap into the skills we need to underpin our transformation and deliver great – yet cost-effective – service to our customers. Given the highly competitive market we operate in, this is gold dust. Paul Downham, Director of Contact Centres read more
Aviva Logo

Award winning customer service

De-risked customer management

Learn how Sensée helped Aviva overcome complexity and compliance challenges to deliver award winning customer service.

From the quality of their people and processes, right through to their specialist technology that delivers the control, visibility and security levels we require, I haven’t come across another outsourcer than can provide services to this level and bring the same degree of competence and speed of deployment. In my view, Sensée is the clear market leader. Chris Nobbs, Head of Contact Centres, Aviva read more
General Accident Logo

High performance in a high growth environment

Entirely virtual customer service excellence

Disover how Sensée has helped General Accident underpin rapid growth by delivering excellent customer experiences with an entirely virtual, dedicated customer service team.

Homeworking really works for us. From accessing the right talent to serve our customer base to unlocking the agility we need to keep pace in our high growth environment, Sensée has helped us rise to the challenge each and every time. Suffice to say I am a huge advocate! Sam Martin, Business Operations Manager
Rank Group Logo

High stakes customer service

Skills and cultural alignment for mass customisation

Find out how Sensée works alongside Rank Digital’s in-house team to ensure unparalleled flexibility and superb, highly personalised customer experiences.

If the ground shifts, Sensée moves with us; they are great. There are an awful lot of outsourcers that don’t dedicate agents to a specific account, which in my opinion, means that they wouldn’t ‘get’ our customers and treat them the way we do. Sensée totally understands us and our customers. And very importantly, they are ethical and support the Rank belief of providing rewarding careers and security to employees. Jennifer Fraser, Head of Contact Centre read more
Photobox Logo

From good to great

Exceptional, award-winning multi-channel customer service

Learn how Sensée helped PhotoBox penetrate new markets and overcome customer demand volatility to deliver award winning, multi-channel customer service.

Sensée set themselves very high standards and do everything in their power to meet them. The team has given us so much confidence that we trust them to deliver for us, with never any need to micro-manage. They are part of our team, there really is no ‘them and us’. It’s a great partnership – we couldn’t have asked for anything better. Helen Ellis, Head of Global Customer Services read more
Eurostar Logo

Ready for the unexpected

Seamless business continuity when it really matters

Find out how Sensée is helping Eurostar benefit from trained HomeAgents as soon as the unexpected challenges their customer service experience.

As a travel business, we are often confronted with unforeseen circumstances which affect our customers’ arrangements. When this happens, we need to act quickly and deal with their enquiries with consistency and the upmost professionalism. The weather may let our customers down, but we never can and with Sensée we won’t. Simon Shaw, Operations Director read more





16 x

more agile


carbon footprint


Agile resource

Sensée HomeAgents can login remotely for periods as short as 30-minutes, providing our clients with the ultimate agility to seamlessly manage customer demand and the ability to significantly reduce operational costs.

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On-brand experiences

Recruited for your unique requirements and co-managed, our HomeAgents are a true extension of your operation. They live and breathe your values, meaning they have on-brand conversations with customers each and every time.

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Total resilience

Without a doubt, homeworking provides the best Disaster Recover/Business Continuity solution when the unexpected prevents your own operation from delivering service or when customer demand peaks unexpectedly.

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Footprint optimisation

Sensée not only provides a truly optimised workforce, we also help clients achieve agility and cost savings by remote enabling their in-house teams thanks to our unique optimisation methodologies and technology.

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Security & compliance

Sensée has built specialist technology to de-risk and manage every single homeworking business process - from recruitment and training to on-going management - to the most exacting standards of security and compliance.

Better business performance

The powerful combination of our great HomeAgents and specialist homeworking processes and technology helps clients unlock performance by significantly improving the KPI’s that drive the best business outcomes.

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Sensée has created a new niche in outsourcing for contact centres in the UK that is revolutionising performance for their clients.

Sensee named finalists in 2 categories at the 2013 European contact centre awards as ‘Outsourcer of the year’ and for ‘Outsourced relationship of the year’ in conjunction with our client Argos part of the Home Retail Group.

CAA Best Outsourced Partnership

Homeworking environment raises the bar on performance.

Sensée cut client costs from 10% - 14%

About us

Sensée unlocks significant benefits by transforming the way companies work

Our multi-channel customer management services, delivered by highly skilled home agents, give our clients unprecedented agility to respond to rapidly changing market conditions, significant operational cost reductions and exceptionally high levels of customer satisfaction. The leading homeworking outsourcer, Sensée employs c. 700 home agents from across the UK to serve a prestigious, international client base that includes Argos, Aviva, Eurostar, PhotoBox, RAC and Rank Interactive.

At Sensée, we practice what we preach. It’s not just our agents that work from home, our management team and non-executive directors do too.

Redefined Performance

Average HomeAgent utilisation 91.2%

HomeAgent happiness score 88%

Homeworking pilot to full deployment success rate 100%

Systems up-time 99.999%

Meet The Team

Steve Mosser
Steve Mosser

Founder, CEO

Steve aka “Mr Homeworking” is the leading authority on performance optimisation through homeworking. He founded Sensée in 2004 for businesses to reap the rewards of homeworking without the headaches!
Brigitte Gratton
Brigitte Gratton

Co-Founder, COO

A former solicitor, Brigitte is a co-founder of Sensée and helped pioneer the virtualisation of the entire employee life-cycle. Today Brigitte is responsible for HR, Legal and Corporate Social Responsibility.
Rick Siegel
Rick Siegel

Co-Founder, CIO

Part of the original start-up team, Rick pioneered the creation of the ‘virtual staffing’ systems that manage Sensée’s virtual home-based workforce.
Phil Smith
Phil Smith


Vince Bourke
Vince Bourke

Non-Exec Director

Vince has over 30 years of management experience in operations and customer service delivery for Fortune 100 corporations with international reach.
Andy Rosser
Andy Rosser

Transformation and Innovation Director

Andy is a CX transformation and change leader that has applied to great success his talents across a number of leading insurers, including Aviva and Axa. He now directs Sensée’s Change team, which covers client engagement to innovation.